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Tygress Moon Accessories

Pistachio Beaded Wrap
Very soft wrap with coffee colored glass beads throughout. The weight of the beads helps keep it on your shoulders.

8" x 68" including fringe.

100% acrylic
Mauve Beaded Wrap
Very soft and fuzzy with light green glass beads throughout.

18" x 48"

100% acrylic

Girly Scarf
Very girly peach scarf.
Quite similar to
the scarf shown above.

2 1/2" x 92" includes tassel

100% acrylic

Flower Power Scarf
This uber cool scarf is
made of mauve, lime and
forest green flowers.

4" x 54 1/2"

100% acrylic

Granny Square Purse
This lovely little purse
is worked in Victorian
colors and is lined in denim.
Purse 100% acrylic
Lining 100% cotton twill

Tiny Pouches
Purple and White Drawstring Pouch
Both pieces 100% acrylic
Baby Blue Amulet Bag